Thursday, July 3, 2008

my expectoins

1. 3 expections I have for myself in life:
I expect to be a great mom.
I expect to get a high school diploma.
I expect to go to college and have a job that makes money.

2. 3 expections I have for myself at school:
I expect when I get to school theres work for me.
I expect to learn something new.
I expect to stay in class{quit mobbing the halls}.

3. 3 expections I have for my fellow students at school:
I expect them to know I love talking{so dont talk to me}
I expect people not to be noisy.

4. 3 expections I have for my teachers:
I expect to get treated with respect.
I expect to get enough work to keep me occupied.
I expect to get along and understood by my teacher.

5. 3 expections I have for my child:
I expect for my son to be an A student.
I expect my son to respect me.
I expect for my son not to get a girl pregnant at a young age.

6. 3 expections I have for the nursery regarding my child:
I expect for my son to get treated right.
I expect for my son to learn and get along with other kids.
I expect for my son to get fed and change when is needed.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez was a man who led a historic movement for civil rights, labor rights and human rights. Chávez worked hard to get a square deal for farm workers, migrant workers and people without a political voice.

My reason to celebrate César Chávez here is his passion for education. At the height of his work with the labor movement, Chávez connected the fight for wages with a struggle for self-respect.

My Goals to be better

My two goals are to come to school more often and do lots of work so I can make my grades better than how they are now. I'm going to finish with my work and I'm going to ask Dawn for extra work every day and weekend. Coming to school would really make my grade go up and get better. If I come to school and do what I have to do and get my buisness done, my grade would really go up, because I know I'm a smart girl, i just need to work harder.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

mY WeEkEnd WaS GrEaT!!

This weekend on sunday i went to my moms house and i saw the chargers game. On saturday night we made some sea food,so sunday morning we would be able to munch on something for when the game was on. On sunday we ate and just chilled and the people in my family that go for the chargers were all butt hurt because they lost!!HA,HA,HA!!


my new years resolution is for this year to be a good mom and wifey.To be very good in school andstart getting to school early and get lots of credits so i can graduate faster, and other hand i wanna get a part time job so i can help myself and babysdad and buy my babyboy all the things he wants!

When i was pregnant...

How did my parents react?
Well my mom already kinda had an idea about it,because she had heard rumors!when she finally was sure she was real happy for me and said if i needed anything she would help me out!But the reason she didnt trip out was because i wasent living with her anymore!

What were my cravings?
Well the true is i didnt have that much cravings besides spicy food!i really cant go out trew out the day with out eating chilly in any of my food!im really not the type of girl that wants everything rite now that im pregnant!

The meaning of mybabys name?
The reason ima name my baby Robert Joseph is because my babysdad wanted to choose the name because its a boy,so i let him choose!The reason for Robert is=my mans stepdads name was Robert and he past away last year>my man really looked up to him,he said he was a great person and he always thought him right!Now the reason for naming him Joseph its because my mans name is jose and i didnt wanna leave him out the picture,because for one he is the father of my baby,but i didnt wanna name him jose because all Joses are bad boys!Jose and Joseph are almost the same names,but joseph is in inglish!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The first part last

I really like this book because it shows that if ure a single parent u can still make it on your own.i really liked to because in this book they dont have a girl as the main person of the book is a guy name Bobby!He made it with his daughter because his girl had die.Before the baby was born there were gonna give it up in adoption,wat i like its at last he decided to step up and just keep it!He wanted the best for his little girl so thats why he tryed his best to be a good parent.But at the same time he wanted help because he was vey tired,but he never gave up on his self and babygirl!I loved this book so much!i recomment this book to all the girls that say they cant make it!!